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'allo 'allo, abba, andy summers, athlete, audrey hepburn, biographies, borussia mönchengladbach, cary grant, chicago (band), colin firth, crowded house, david gray, dean martin, del amitri, eric idle, fawlty towers, fiat, fiction, fleetwood mac, football, fountains of wayne, frank sinatra, friends, gary barlow, gilmore girls, himyo, howard donald, ian rankin, jason orange, jasper fforde, john cleese, john rebus, justin currie, kermit, leonard cohen, magnum, mandy patinkin, mark owen, matt ruff, michael palin, monty python, nada surf, radiohead, robbie williams, sex and the city, stewart copeland, sting, swedish chef, take that, talking heads, the beatles, the muppet show, the police, the professionals, theatre, tom selleck, vespa

You know me?

Moni, Germany. Unhealthily obsessed with books and The Muppets. Loves football and music, coffee and chocolate, centre backs and drummers. Can stare at the sea for hours and falls over her own two feet a lot.

Reads and writes Take That slash fanfic, but refuses to feel bad about that.

Posts useless entries about what she calls "life" and pretty pictures, mainly of beaches, sweaty footballers and middle-aged man-bands.

"And did I tell you? The sound of the surf makes strange things happen to me... " Del Amitri - Here And Now

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