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Hello and welcome to my fic index!

It's not much yet, but I thought I'd better start this early on, so here we go... (Note: all fic entries, may they be posted in takethatslash r my journal soundofthesurf are members- or friends-only-locked, mainly because it's special and RPS and not everyone's cup of tea. Be sure you're a friend of slash before reading! :D)

My first Big Bang Story (posted on the AO3):
with stunning artwork by mad_lemming_89

Manchester in the 1890’s. Nigel Martin-Smith wants to leave his half-criminal career behind and fulfil his dream: to create the biggest and most glamorous circus show the country has ever seen. Hard work, a lack of scruples, a vision, and the right group of people help him succeed. But the pain of an unrequited love turns Nigel bitter and spiteful, mistrusting and hurting everyone around him. On the pinnacle of fame the pressure becomes unbearable and one fateful night Nigel loses all control and destroys the circus and the lives of his five most talented artists.
Ten years later a tall, bearded man travels around the world to bring his four former friends back together, heal old wounds and take the ultimate revenge: to create the greatest show on earth.

Chaptered (thus longer) fics:

OUR LIVES WOULD HAVE MEANING (posted in [info]takethatslash

Prologue & Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6 & Epilogue

AU-fic in 6 parts, this is my idea of what might have happened to five northern lads if a certain slightly creepy night club owner from Manchester had not pursued his best idea ever. If you'd like to know what had happened to Howard, Mark, Jason, Gary and Robbie without Take That - you might like this.

WORDS IN YOUR HEART (posted in takethatslash)

Prologue & Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 & Epilogue

A sequel to OUR LIVES WOULD HAVE MEANING this is the story of Howard's and Jason's unfulfilled love over the years. Should come with a box of tissues.

One shots:

Afterwards (posted in takethatslash)
This story is the sequel to "Doctor Love". Find out what happened when Rob put theory into reality and who benefitted from that. And if Rob and Jason talked about it afterwards.

Doctor Love (posted in takethatslash)
Written for the Progress-Tour-ficathon with the prompt "Five Nights Robbie Spent The Night Alone On Tour And One Night He Didn't". Contains OT5-banter, slightly nervous and humble Rob, and Renaissance man Jason. I've been told it's quite sexy.

Aliens (posted in takethatslash)
Written for the Progress-Tour-ficathon with the prompt "Aliens". This is a quite dark AU-story, set in the 90's. Rob wonders where Howard and Jason take his Markie every night and so one night he follows them...

Checkmate (posted in takethatslash)
Written for the Progress-Tour-ficathon this gives an "insight" about what everyone thought about Howard's little enhancement to the Kidz-dance-off. There are mixed feelings, so much is clear...

Mango Sorbet (posted in takethatslash) is Part 2 of the "Outdoor Anxieties"-series. This time it's Howard who's suffering. But then he gets a phone call... This ficlet also exclusively reveals why Take That did not perform on the Diamond Jubilee. Really. ;)

They're Lighting Up The Sky For You (New Edit) (posted in takethatslash)
A new version of the same-called fic you find a little down below. I've adjusted a few things and got a proper beta (by the wonderful przed). It's now also Part 1 of a little series I call "Outdoor Anxieties". It's still Jason suffering after the slightly cocked-up "Never Forget"-performance on Children In Need 2011

A Heap Of Clothes On The Floor (posted in my journal as a birthday present for jelliclerose
This ficlet exclusively reveals why Jason really missed the track-by-track-interview for Progress and wore that big grey jumper on the Stardust-premiere, and why socks can be a real problem.

It Only Takes 19 Years (posted in my journal as a birthday present fo elijahluv )
This is a Donorange-fluff-fic. Contains lots of memories, a rebellious book and the silliest argument two people ever had on an airplane. Also reveals that Mark is very zen, Rob a true gentleman and why Howard really lost that wanking competition.

They're Lighting Up The Sky Tonight For You (posted in my journal as a birthday present for lycene )
A short, fluffy one-shot with Jason all alone on his roof terrace with his thoughts and self-doubts after kind of screwing up a performance. Curious who saves him and how?

Three Reasons Why Jason Really Doesn't Like The PVC Trousers Anymore (posted in takethatslash )
Our lads are getting older, aren't they? Time takes its toll and sometimes Jason thinks being a popstar is a young men's game... Harmless, fluffy OT-5-banter with slight tension here and there and a bit of Jason/Howard at the end for good measure.

Mark's Livejournal (posted in takethatslash )
Mark tells us on his LJ about the dramatic happenings on a promo-trip to Japan, Taiwan & Australia - if you like procrastinating Mark and oblivious Jason, you are going to love this. If you want to know how Robbie spoilt Valentine's Day and Gary won a bet - this is your fic.

Jay's POV or What We Did Last February
Requested by lycene his is Jay's POV on "Mark's Livejournal". Since it's very special (Jason does think a lot, doesn't he?^^) so far only posted in my journal. Contains a very chaotic band-conversation that I personally think is hilarious - but I might be biased here...;D Apart from that more harmless fluff, and Jason on a bicycle.

Fic in progress:

LITTLE ONE LOST My epic attempt on AU-Secret Service-OT-5. Starring Robbie as 003, Jason as M, Howard as Q, Gary as agent 137 (but underestimated and on his way up!), and Poor!Markie, kidnapped by strangers for reasons yet unbeknown, it also features guest appearances by Evil!Nigel, Skippy, Jamie Norton, Ewan McGregor, Sean Bean, Kylie Minogue, Victoria Beckham, Sir Paul and Sir Elton, Jude Law, and the great John Cleese. So far. It is utterly silly and very random and chaotic, but the lads look great in their black suits, they fight, they bicker, they shower, and love is in the air as well. Oh, and out-of-this-world technology, expertly tested and approved by Howard. Please note that this fic is still (and will be for quite some time, I'm afraid) in progress, thus only posted on my journal for my (interested) friends to test-read. Momentarily (i.e. January 2013) due to lack of time and a tad bit of writer's block it is also on hiatus, but I hope to be able to update again soon.
Six parts so far and you find them here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6
30 December 1999 @ 12:00 pm
#1 Alice Munro: Himmel und Hölle****
(Hateship, Friendship, Courtship, Loveship, Marriage; 2001)
#2 Christopher Moore: Der törichte Engel****
(The Stupidest Angel - A Heartwarming Tale of Christmas Terror; 2004)
#3 Erin Morgenstern: The Night Circus*****
#4 Mario Vargas Llosa: Das böse Mädchen****
(Travesuras de la nina mala, 2006)
#5 Khaled Hosseini: Drachenläufer****
(The Kite Runner, 2003)
#6 Patrick Ness / Siobhan Dowd: Sieben Minuten nach Mitternacht****
(A Monster Calls, 2011; Illustrations by Jim Kay)
#7 Jonathan Coe: Der Regen, bevor er fällt***
(The Rain Before It Falls, 2007)
#8 Anthony McCarten: Hand aufs Herz***
(Show of Hands, 2008)
#9 Siegfried Lenz: Landesbühne****
#10 T. Coraghessan Boyle: Das wilde Kind****
(Wild Child, 2010)
#11 Clemens Meyer: Gewalten****
#12 Stephen Clarke: Liberté, Egalité, Fritten zum Tee****
(1000 Years of Annoying the French, 2010)
#13 Aleksandr I. Solzenycin: Die großen Erzählungen***
(Zwischenfall auf dem Bahnhof Kretschetowka, Matrjonas Hof und Zum Nutzen der Sache)
#14 Sara Gruen: Wasser für die Elefanten***
(Water for Elephants, 2006)
#15 Tom Rachman: Die Unperfekten****
(The Imperfectionists, 2009)
#16 Reif Larsen: Die Karte meiner Träume****
(The Selected Works of T. S. Spivet, 2009)
#17 Charles Scott Richardson: Das Ende des Alphabets****
(The End of the Alphabet, 2008)
#18 Felix J. Palma: Die Landkarte der Zeit***
(El Mapa Del Tiempo, 2008)
#19 Christopher Moore: Fool***
#20 Ben Aaronovitch: Die Flüsse von London***
(Rivers of London, 2011)
#21 Alan Bradley: Flavia de Luce - Mord im Gurkenbeet****
(The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie, Flavia de Luce #1, 2009)
#22 Eva Boronsky: Herr Mozart wacht auf**
#23 Rose Tremain: Der weite Weg nach Hause****
(The Road Home, 2009)
#24 Michel Houellebecq: Karte und Gebiet****
(La carte et le territoire, 2010)
#25 Jasper Fforde: The Last Dragonslayer***
#26 Alan Bradley: Flavia de Luce - Mord ist kein Kinderspiel***
(The Weed that strings the Hangman's Bag, Flavia de Luce #2, 2010)
#27 David Nicholls: Ewig Zweiter**
(The Understudy, 2006)
#28 Claudie Gallay: Die Brandungswelle****
(Les déferlantes, 2008)
#29 Walter Moers: Das Labyrinth der träumenden Bücher****
#30 Elizabeth Strout: Mit Blick aufs Meer***
(Olive Kitteridge, 2008)
#31 Michael Raleigh: Willkommen im Blue Moon Circus***
(The Blue Moon Circus, 2004)
#32 Martin Suter: Allmen und die Libellen*****
#33 Henning Mankell: Der Chronist der Winde****
(Comédia infantil, 1995)
#34 Martin Suter: Allmen und der rosa Diamant*****
#35 Thomas Pynchon: Gegen den Tag****
(Against The Day, 2006)
#36 Matt Haig: Die Radleys**
(The Radleys, 2010)
#37 Doris Lessing: Die Kluft****
(The Cleft, 2007)
#38 Paolo Giordano: Die Einsamkeit der Primzahlen**
(La solitudine dei numeri primi, 2008)
#39 Kerstin Gier: Rubinrot***
#40 Martin Suter: Die dunkle Seite des Mondes****
#41 Alex Capus: Léon und Louise*****
#42 Joseph Roth: Hotel Savoy****
#43 Robert Zorn: Cemetery John:
The Undiscovered Mastermind Behind The Lindbergh Kidnapping
# 44 Alan Bradley: A Red Herring Without Mustard****
(Flavia de Luce #3, 2011)
#45 Adam Thorpe: Die Regeln der Perspektive***
(The Rules Of Perspective, 2006)
#46 Christian Macharski: Die Rache des Waschbären****
#47 Max Arthur: Der erste Weltkrieg****
(Faces of World War I: The Great War in Words and Pictures, 2006)
#48 Martin Walker: Bruno, Chef de Police**
(Bruno, Chief of Police, #1, 2008)
#49 Wigald Boning: In Rio steht ein Hofbräuhaus**
#50 Fred Vargas: Es geht noch ein Zug von der Gare du Nord****
(L'homme aux cercles bleus, Commissaire Adamsberg #1, 2000)
#51 Florian Illies: 1913 - Der Sommer des Jahrhunderts****

* Didn't like it          ** It was okay           *** Liked it           **** Really liked it           ***** It was amazing

Mission accomplished! \o/
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